Frequently asked questions.

How many total people can participate in a single purchase?

There is currently no maximum, however there is a minimum of $2.00 per participating user.
Is there a maximum purchase price?

There is currently no limit on products that can be purchased via SharePay.
What is Auto-Contribute?

Auto-contribute is an option at checkout which ensures a purchase will go through even if not everyone invited decides to join. Example: You invite 4 people to share the cost of a $400 gift. An even split would mean each person pays $80.00 for their share of the gift. Without auto-contribute, if 1 person ends up not joining the gift purchase would not go through. With auto-contribute checked, you and 3 others would pick up the remaining portion of $80.00, which would be an additional $20.00 each, or $100.00 total per person.
Do purchases need to be split evenly?

Purchases by default are split evenly amongst everyone invited, however there is an option to customize how much each person pays.
What does the cart total consist of?

The cart total consists of all the products or subscriptions added while shopping, including all taxes (as applicable) and shipping/handling (as applicable).
How does the expiration date work?

The initiator, the person who sets up the SharePay cart originally is responsible for setting the expiration date.
How far out can the expiration date be set?

The current maximum is two weeks from today’s date.
How secure is my credit card information?

All credit cards are secured on a PCI-Level 1 system, the most stringent level of certification available.
How does SharePay for subscriptions work?

Each participating site that offers subscription services with payment via SharePay sets the maximum number of users that can pay for a subscription. This site controls whether a single group login is provided for all participating members, or whether a unique login is provided for each member.
What if I make a payment but the purchase doesn’t go through?

You will receive a full refund on your credit card.
What if I want to cancel my purchase or return purchased products?

A cancel or return can be performed only by the initiator of the SharePay cart.
What if I don’t pay by the deadline?

You will be opted out of this SharePay automatically if your share is not received by the deadline date.